Mental health has been the area most sensitive to economic changes so far. A long-term decline in suicides in the European Union has been reversed (Stuckler et al. 2001), with increases mainly concentrated among men of working age (Barr et al. 2012, Kondilis et al. 2013). In the newest EU Member States suicides peaked in 2009 and remained high in 2010. In other Member States further increases were observed in 2010 (Economou et al 2013). Research in England has confirmed the close association with job losses (Barr et al. 2012)

However, suicides are only the tip of the mental health iceberg and research in South Europe has shown marked increases in depression and anxiety (Economou et al. 2013), with one study demonstrating a strong association with job loss and mortgage foreclosure (Gili et al. 2012)


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